Dinner is served

Hannah Lee

While the corona virus has been going on, and everyone hopefully has been in quarantine, I have been trying to entertain myself the best I can.  It’s been hard because I am not the most creative person, and I’ve decided cooking is as creative as I can get.
Being in a family of five, my sister decided everyone should take a day or two each week and cook dinner. Not so excited about the idea at first, I soon became very interested in cooking as I found a recipe to cook,
tilapia and roasted vegetables! I went to the store and bought everything to cook my perfect meal for Tuesday night. That night I marinated vegetables for an hour, seasoned tilapia, cooked the tilapia and tried to time it so everything would come out at once, avoiding the food being rather
cold when it was time to eat. I succeeded almost entirely as nothing was cold, and it all looked rather appealing, but  I seasoned the tilapia way over what the recipe regarded “season generously”.
As long as the cooking might have taken me, I learned a lot from just
one night and it showed me how entertaining it can actually be. While I also cooked Thursday night, things became easier for me as I planned out my meal before going to the store and cooking. I made gnocchi and scallops, along with caprese flatbread and I will say it was difficult, but very informing. My family seemed very pleased with what I had cooked, as I would say I
was pleased with myself also. Cooking has helped me not only pass the time, but also spend way less money on takeout. I’ve realized I can actually make something at home taste almost as good as it would in a restaurant.  Quarantine might feel like an unproductive state to be in, but finding something new to learn or accomplish might actually benefit you and help you in
the future!