Coronavirus: A New Normal

As the coronavirus spreads, many high school students long to return to in-person classes.

As the coronavirus spreads, many high school students long to return to in-person classes.

It feels like a lifetime ago that I was sitting in history class rolling my eyes while watching CNN thinking “Why do I have to write about this virus? It’s in China, it has no effect on me.” Well, look where that got me. Stuck in my house, just like the rest of the world. I’ve seen the world suffer through wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and even people dressing up as clowns terrorizing their cities but I’ve never quite seen the world shut down like this.

 It seems like every morning I wake up to more arguments posted for Trump, more lockdowns, more business shutting down, and better yet, more rainy days and dark clouds. Fitting weather for the state of the world right now, huh? It’s truly overwhelming coming to the realization over these past few weeks of how many things I’ve taken for granted. I never realized how many things were a privilege, until the virus took them away. I never realized little things like getting my nails done, eating out with my friends, or even being able to get a roll of toilet paper from the store was never a given, but a privilege. 

One thing that seemed to always be consistent was school, despite some occasional floods and rare snow days of course. Most people huff and puff when Mondays roll around, and then there’s me. School became my happy place, as crazy as it sounds. Out of all the things that have changed recently, school is the one thing I would do anything to get back. No matter what was happening at home, I’ve always had the guarantee to get an eight hour break everyday. I wish I would have known that Friday was my last time giggling away in class, teaching the kids in the preschool, or even simply the last time getting a sugar cookie from Mr. Rowland after 4th period, but my wishing won’t reverse a pandemic, I suppose. 

It’s not ideal knowing my way of helping the world right now feels pretty similar to being lazy and helpless at home. Then again, is a deadly virus spreading world wide really ideal either? At the end of the day I’m healthy, I have plenty of Clorox wipes and I’m thankful for what I have. As crazy as it is to have a full house again, adjust to online school, and live a history lesson in the making, this is our new normal.