“The Platform” is unsupportable

Last night my friend Audrey called me urgently. Just now figuring out
how to set up a “Netflix Party” , she insisted we start one asap. “I have the
perfect movie we can all watch”, Audrey said in excitement.
Turning on the TV, The Platform, popped up. The concept of “The
Platform” is undeniably clever. Almost the entire film takes place in a sort
of futuristic structure called “The Hole.” Hundreds of floors tall, it is a
prison in which people are placed on floors two at a time. Every day, a
platform descends through a large hole in the middle of the building, and
it’s the only chance for food for the entire day. On level 1, the prisoners
have access to a feast of lovingly prepared dishes. If everyone only ate a
small ration, it could make it all the way to the bottom with something for
each prisoner. It never does.In total, they’re 302 levels but you only find
that out in the end. The ending sucks.
In my opinion, this was not the best movie. There was no good plot. It
was the same thing everyday. I’m still trying to figure out the whole main
concept of it to this day. They wake up, food is delivering to them on this
weird mechanically lifted stone. You’re starved, and are dying. You’re
either in “The Hole” voluntarily or involuntarily. There are so many
unanswered questions to this movie. I would rate it a 2 out of 10.