Zombie train to survival

Train to Busan streaming on Netflix

A Korean movie released in July 2016 now streaming at Netflix:Train To Busan, a
cutting edge zombie movie that would put viewers on an emotional roller coaster. The amazing
performance by actors as the main characters and zombies, appealing cinematography and its
well-written plot made the movie worth watching.
The story follows a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse due to a
chemical spill that caused people to be ill later turned into a zombie, spreading rapidly. This
group of people boarded a train while the illness spread causing them to be stranded on a bullet
train while evading sprinting zombies to go to a military watched and safe area. A part of this
group of people is a father along with his estranged daughter who traveled to Busan to see her
mom, found himself trying to save his daughter at all cost. Not only dealing with zombies but
also critical and selfish people in panic rushing to safety. The non-stop rush to safety and
scramble for survival kept me on the edge of my seat.
Although it’s a movie full of thrilling scenes. Nevertheless, the character named Sang-
Hwa portrayed by Ma Dong-Seok acted as a comedic relief despite the serious situation that
lightened the mood rather than portraying a constant dark state throughout the film. Gong Yoo’s
portrayal of the father did not disappoint, as expected for a widely respected South Korean actor.
Compared to his role as a funny and charming character on a famous Korean drama titled
Goblin, he was able to play an extremely serious workaholic role as a father along with the
daughter portrayed by Kim Su-An; both characters played by amazing actors were able to put me
on an emotional ride.
The amazing cinematography played a big role in giving the mood of the story. The
downsizing of frame and the main setting of the movie emit a claustrophobic feel making it seem
like they are trapped, stressing the idea of being stranded on a train. The wide shot used in a
scene where the daughter is standing still with people being chased and bitten by zombies in the
background made the movie terrifying along with how the shot is getting closer to the kid during
this scene emphasized the thrill and horror even more.
Overall, the amazing portrayal of actors, use of cinematography to add emotion to the
film, the unique selection of setting and the well-written story made the movie uncomparable to
other zombie films and is safe to say one of the best zombie apocalypse movie released.