Big Time fun in “Big Time Adolescence”

Big Time fun in Big Time Adolescence

Natalie Lomento

Premiering last year at Sundance, Peter Davidson’s debut film, “Big Time Adolescence”, is the movie that I have been dying to watch since it came out on Hulu March 13th. Now, with the “coronacation” there is no better time to curl up on my couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watch this movie.

“Big Time Adolescence” is a film by Jason Orley. It tells the story of Mo (Griffen Gluck), a high school kid whose best friend is an immature college drop out named Zeke (Pete Davidson), who also happens to be his sister’s ex-boyfriend. Mo turns to Zeke for help with his problems, like how to get this girl Sophie (Oona Laurence) to like him, how to get a bit of extra cash, and how to get popular. Which is not the best move for Mo and causes an abundance of problems for him.

Pete Davidson does a fantastic job with his portrayal of Zeke in this movie, steering away from his comedic persona and transforming into this character that you can’t help but feel bad for. He and Gluck create this father and son relationship, which is a truly messed up relationship. Mo is so naive that he doesn’t realize how toxic Zeke is and how the advice he is given by Zeke is just screwing him over.

I really enjoyed “Big Time Adolescence”, it made me laugh, made me frustrated with some character’s choices, and made me almost cry (and I never cry during movies so that is saying something). From the amazing actors to the storyline, it is one of the best movies I have seen all year.