Pallota’s to-go decent valueR

Because of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, my family has resorted to ordering
lots of food to be delivered or picked up from the restaurant. My brother turned 23 while in
quarantine, and while we planned to go celebrate at a nice restaurant, that obviously was not an
option anymore. So, to keep his birthday special, we decided to order his favorite food to be
carried out and eaten in the cleanliness of our own home.
We picked up Italian food from Pallota’s Italian Grill, located at 27606 I 45 North in
Conroe. They do have reduced hours, being 11 AM to 8 PM. We were expecting a small menu
to choose from, since they are takeout and delivery only, but their menu still had a variety of
dishes, including appetizers and desserts. The alfredo and baked ziti were my brother’s top
picks off of the menu, so that is what we decided to order. We picked up our food, and after
having to wait a while at the restaurant for it to be made, we brought it home to enjoy. The
pastas were family style, and each pan came with huge slices of garlic bread on the side. We
ate the Italian style birthday dinner while enjoying each other’s company. After we had all
finished our meals, we decided that it was… decent. The alfredo was not overly flavorful, and
the ziti had an unusual consistency. My mom and I agreed that while it was a lot of food for the
price, we prefer quality over quantity. We definitely paid our money’s worth for the amount of
food we got, but it did not exceed our expectations in what Italian food should taste like.
Everyone in my family decided that, while the food wasn’t absolutely unbearable, we would
prefer a home cooked meal over Pallota’s.
While my brother’s birthday dinner was not what we had hoped it would be, we still spent
a lot of quality time together due to our circumstances. If you’re looking for an amazing Italian
restaurant, Pallota’s would not be my number one choice. But, if you are wanting just a large
amount of food for a decent price, I would consider looking at this Italian grill.