“Emma” brings Austen to life

Bella Spradley, staff writer

As I type this, I’ve just finished watching the movie Emma, and I’m utterly captivated and in love with this movie.
Despite being fairly fast paced, the movie is charming and witty and sure to capture the watcher for the entirety of the film.
Running 2 hours and 12 minutes long, this movie brings Jane Austen’s timeless novel to life with romance,drama, and comedy.
The movie takes place in England in the 1800s, revolving around high-class Emma Woodhouse as she craves romance and trouble in her quiet town. She plays Cupid with those around her, and despite it not always ending well, she manages not only to unite (and break apart) others, but find love for herself where she didn’t realize there could be any.
The costumes and music in this movie are extremely fitting and well done, bringing the story to life on screen and making you feel as if you yourself were in 1800s England.
As someone who loved the book, I believe this movie was a fantastic interpretation and most certainly paid homage to the timeless novel Jane Austen left behind. A new release, this movie is available to buy on Amazon Prime, Youtube, or Google Play.