“Dosey Do”-ing a square meal

Hannah Lee, staff writer

As everyone globally is quarantined and bored out of their mind as we all fight the
coronavirus, there are a few things to leave your home for. One, groceries, as everyone shops
for too much but we all still keep going back for more anyway. Two, a walk, everyone needs
fresh air which is okay if you’re still socially distancing yourself from other walkers outside. And
lastly, three, takeout. We all enjoy eating Chick-fil-a or maybe your favorite Chinese restaurant
instead of having to cook elaborate meals every night. We all can still enjoy our favorite
spots to eat because takeout is still an option!
In The Woodlands, most restaurants are open for takeout through their drive through or if they don’t have a drive through, they can bring it to your car. Recently, my favorite place to get food from has been Dosey Doe, in Alden Bridge. It’s convenient for me because I can order on their online website, or I can call to put my order in, and it’s very
close to my house.
They are open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and their breakfast selection is a wide range
as they have healthy options and more unhealthy options like pancakes and waffles. They also
sell Argentinian empanadas which are very popular so I decided to try them. I called and
ordered my empanadas and drove to their drive through window. The lady at the window had a
mask on and she slipped the pen and clipboard my receipt was on for me to sign.
My order came out really fast and tasted amazing. Dosey Doe’s takeout was very efficient and I will
definitely be going back soon because as long as this virus goes on, hopefully I can still order in.