Freshman English teacher artist of the week



Freshman English teacher Ben Humeniuk is this week’s feature artist at The Adventure Begins, a new community focused comics and games store.

Because their physical store is shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic, Humeniuk reached out to the owner to see what he could do to help.

“They indicated that that they wanted to promote local artists on their social media feeds until they could re-open, so they selected me to be the first featured artist of the week,” Humeniuk said. “They are trying to highlight creators whose work and opportunities might have been impacted by Coronavirus, and they are using their platform to point their audience to those makers’ work.”

The Adventure Begins Comics and Games opened last spring on 1488. According to Humeniuk, they are really active about doing community-based events, and they’ve been kind enough to stock his graphic novels as a local creator.

Humeniuk has several graphic novels available on Amazon as well, his Waking Life, Magnificent Makers and Makin’ It paperbacks are all available on Amazon :-

Humeniuk began his published illustration career at Baylor University as an editorial cartoonist for “The Lariat”, the campus newspaper for Baylor, and had work in a 2008 exhibit on campus.

“I couldn’t believe the opportunity I got to work for my campus  paper in college,” Huneniuk said.  “It was my first real job, and to be able to do it while writing and drawing almost spoiled me for a lifetime. Plus, the mentorship that I got while I was there definitely informs what I want to do with my own students.“

The Adventure Begins is located at 525 Woodlands Square, Suite 130, in Conroe. Their website is