TWHS Alum Kelsey Craig lights up ‘SCOOB!’

In 2006, Kelsey Craig graduated from the Woodlands High School, where she took computer art and photography classes. “[I] never knew for sure what I wanted to do. I didn’t even know by the time I graduated from college either, but I had my degree to start getting my foot in the door,” she said.

Eight years later, she now has an impressive resume of projects including season two of Boardwalk, Empire, Free Birds, The Book of Life, Sherlock Gnomes, Rock Dog, Ugly Dolls, and now the May 2020 movie SCOOB!. SCOOB! Is based on the widely popular Scooby Doo franchise and includes the origin story of the famous friend group. 

 Craig is a lighter/compositor. This means that she and the rest of the people on her team create the computer-generated lights and special effects.

“We are the final line in an animation production after everything has been written, modeled, rigged, and animated… We bring the image together and create the final look of the film,” Craig said. 

SCOOB! was different from other productions however. Craig’s company, ReelFX, had recently moved to Montreal, Canada. Some of the team remained in Dallas, but the majority were in Canada. Before the country began to lockdown, working to finish the movie required a few trips to Canada.

Eventually though, each team member had to work from home.

Working with a team remotely can be a real struggle, but luckily I’m very loud and talkative (understatement of the year) so I got to get to know everyone pretty quickly,” Craig said. 

Craig hopes the movie, released in the midst of a global crisis, can be a pick-me-up for many people.

“We’re all stuck at home looking for entertainment and this could be a real light at the end of the tunnel for some families,” she said. So make a bowl of popcorn, and settle in with your younger siblings; or if you don’t have any, to spend a little time with some beloved childhood characters. 

The movie is available to buy for $24.99 or rent for $19.99 on Youtube, Google Play, or Amazon Prime. 


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