Whiskey cake is crowd pleaser

Walking into Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar in or out of a pandemic is just as gratifying. As you approach this rustic looking building, you can observe a couple things about this new establishment. Including the available outdoor seating, the length of windows surrounding the door, and the table of whiskey candles for sale as you enter.
Although the outside is exceptional, the interior of this restaurant is the real crowd pleaser. It gives almost a renovated warehouse turned rustic feel. There are visible bulbs hanging above the wooden tables paired with metal barstools. Surrounding the tables are booths that can fit small or large parties. Opposite of the door is the showstopping bar. The entire back wall is lined top to bottom in liquor. The yellow spotlighting focuses ur eyes on the curved bar and the reflection of each glass bottle. You may be wondering, how do they reach the bottles at the very top? Well, an old fashioned ladder slides back and forth along the wall while you eat grabbing the drink of your choice.
Their menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, including the three little pigs, which are three pulled pork sliders ($12) plated on a singular brick. There are also many delicious entrees like the chicken and cheese melt ($13.50) , the garlic ribeye ($36), and the turkey chili ($11/bowl) Though these are all great options, you would not be judged if you skipped straight to dessert. As long as you’re getting the whiskey cake ($8.50), of course.
The service at this up and coming restaurant is as good as to be expected given our current reality. The waiters and waitresses are very sweet and attentive even at the busiest time, which is dinner time. They give you large jugs of water for you to refill your drink with, so that lessens the time they are in your vicinity.
Overall, I believe that Whiskey Cake will thrive here in The Woodlands. I also give the food, decor, and service a 10 out of 10. I would definitely recommend that you go give it a try. Don’t forget to order the whiskey cake!
Whiskey Cake is at 27800 N. Freeway Service Road, in Oak Ridge North, just south of Woodforest Bank Stadium.