Millions of students across the United States have been experiencing the social isolation that the pandemic has prompted. Data has shown that Generation Z has experienced greater feelings of loneliness than any other age group. This epidemic of loneliness and oftentimes depression has greatly affected teens around the globe and is certain to leave a lasting impact.

Many seniors in the class of 2020 were robbed of their final milestones of their high school career. Those students continue to experience the challenges and roadblocks that lie ahead for everyone.

2020 senior Maxi Cabrejos described the end of her senior year as “extremely abrupt and disappointing.”

However, she explained the ways she coped with losing the final milestones of her high school experience.

“I thought about my future at my dream school.” Cabrejos said. “That was what kept my spirits up.”

Despite the unprecedented circumstances, she was able to focus on the better days that lie ahead at New York University rather than dwelling on the darker side.

The ample time that students have been provided with allows for them to cope with their grief by practicing self care. Numerous students have been able to use their time for reflection, self-care, and seeking out others in need, including Cabrejos.

“I used this time to catch up on all of the sleep I had lost in the past 4 years”. Sleep is essential to a teenagers health and wellbeing. But it is no secret that with school, extracurriculars, and sports; there is simply not enough time in the day to attain a sleeping cycle of nine hours.

Coping with the grief of lost time with friends, family, and at school has been a challenge for all teens. Seeking out ways to cope with the uncertain times that are unfolding before us is crucial to our survival.