TWHS welcomes Dr. Marchiando as Associate Principal

Dr. Kelly Marchiando has been named the newest Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction at TWHS replacing retiring Jeri Gambertoglio.

Dr. Marchiando was born and raised in Kingwood, Texas, and she graduated from Kingwood High school at the age of 16. After she graduated, she went to Texas Tech University, where she majored in English and minored in Secondary Education and Spanish.

“The reason I chose to major in English, was because of my senior year AP English IV teacher,” Marchiando said. That class made her fall in love with English in general, and she knew right away that she wanted to study English in college. Going into college, she also I learned a lot about secondary education in order to become an English teacher..

After graduating from Texas Tech, Dr. Marchiando moved back to Kingwood where she taught English at her former middle school. After seven years there, she became one of the assistant principals at Summer Creek High School in Humble ISD.

“I was the assistant principal at Summer Creek for four years and then I wanted to venture into other things,” Marchiando said. “I would later become an assistant principal at Kingwood High School for one year and then moved to central office in Humble ISD and became Coordinator of advanced academics.”

She then moved to Conroe ISD as an assistant principal.

“I realized how much I missed being on a campus, and was tired of my commute (from Tomball to Humble ISD).” Marchiando said.

“I’m very familiar with the Woodlands area since I’ve lived in the Houston area basically all my life,” Marchiando said. “I knew how great of a school The Woodlands High School is, and how great of a principal Dr. Landry is. While I was at Kingwood High, Dr. Landry was the principal there, so I know him very well. I knew his leadership style and how great of a person he was, so I knew that would be a person I would love to work with as the leader of the school.”

According to Dr. Marchiando, she has had a great school year so far.

“I haven’t been on a campus for so long [at TWHS], so I’m eager to start working with teachers and students,” Marchiando said. “So far my experience has been amazing, but it is kind of funny that I still don’t know what most of my coworkers actually look like due to everyone wearing masks. I’m super excited for my first year at TWHS and I’m really excited to work with all the counselors, department chairs, and staff to provide our students here at TWHS with some of the best curriculum in the area.”