DB Fighters patch revitalizes game

A dramatic intro of Goku.

courtesy ArcSystem Works

A dramatic intro of Goku.

Arc System Works just released an update to Dragon Ball FighterZ that is so big it makes the game feel like a completely different game. The system mechanic changes and adjustments to the entire roster have brought new life to a game that was beginning to lose relevance.

Significant system mechanic changes were added to the game, such as canceling special moves into a character switch, allowing for a completely new combo structure to be implemented. I have found this new feature refreshing as it makes team composition more critical than it ever has been previously.

There have been changes to the guard canceling mechanic; it is now possible for players to guard cancel in the air.

Along with an entirely new form of guard cancel where you can perform a practically unpredictable/punishable vanish to avoid being on the defensive side. The new type of guard cancel is a new mechanic that has yet to be explored. My first impression of it has been bittersweet since its current effect is a tool that encourages those who refuse to play defense. The new mechanic incentivizes reckless behaviors such as randomly charging opponents in an advantageous state simply because you have a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Changes to the entire roster accompany this update. Characters that the community has been begging to get boosted have finally received the help they needed. For example, Super Saiyan Goku received a faster down medium attack, a heavily requested change for over half a year. Super Saiyan Goku received other positive changes that have made him a lot more fun to play.

Other characters who received the most noteworthy changes are Zamasu: who received better offensive options. Adult Gohan received a positive update to his leveling-up system that enables him to perform specific attack sequences that the rest of the roster cannot do. Frieza’s transformation mechanic is now a more important tool that makes him feel like a complete character.

Goku Black is a character that the community has been begging the developing team to strengthen over the three years the game has existed. Yet, they never listened to any of the requests until this update. Goku Black received changes to all of his abilities, making him better in all aspects. Goku Black’s changes seem like they spent time thinking about what would be best for the character instead of just giving random changes that wouldn’t help him.

As the game’s future is uncertain and no future updates have yet been confirmed by developers, this update was beneficial towards the game’s longevity. This update made most of its community pleased with the changes that have come from it. Overall this update was perfect both as a whole towards the system mechanics and towards each character.