The fashion diary

For the guys, gals, and non-binary pals, I would like to start this off by stating that ALL BODIES, I repeat, ALL BODIES, are worthy of wearing any clothes.

Every night I challenge my closet to a staredown; if I blink first, then I will be forced to march into school with a mediocre outfit that I’ll probably fight with all day. But if the closet surrenders to my gaze, it will be obligated to reveal its secret powers and magically come to life in sort of a Clueless movie way (you know, the movie starring everyone’s dream closet, full of clothes that spin on a conveyor belt and a computer full of dapper looks). My closet using its powers presents me with an ensemble promising to be showstopping enough to practically guarantee me a compliment (which is a good ego stroke for my Leo soul).

But I always lose.

I swear, if it weren’t for the contacts that dry to my eyes, I would probably be a world renowned champion in staring competitions.

When I lay tired on a mound of clothes, I usually pull out my most sacred resource of fashion inspiration ie. fashion advice from the wisest of wisest in the industry. I’m talking about Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Marie Claire, Elle, etc.

These magazines aren’t just full of words on paper – they reveal an entire world of imagination and speak to me as if I’m a friendly face that is always, and I mean always, calling for help. They are, without fail, lending me a helping hand, and based on the fact that I am clueless on how to come up with an acceptable outfit, I am always calling them for reinforcements.

And please do not fear, I’ll let you in on some of our conversations.

Just the other day my friend Vogue was telling me that wide leg, slouchy jeans are totally the new look, and I’m completely in love with the theme of comfort at all possible times. She also told me that any item of clothing that has patchwork, is a must have.

When I was on an hour long phone call with Harper, she told me that the color of fall 2021 will be Lavender. Amazing, right? Luckily my closet is filled with sweater vests, because those will also be coming back into the fashion world.

Not only did I have long conversations with Vogue and Harper, but I had a zoom call to catch up with Elle, Marie, and Allure, since we haven’t seen each other in eons. We had this great discussion about how platform shoes are totally the move right now, which is always beneficial to the short people community, myself included. And although we live in Texas, the state with one season, if there is a slight off chance that cold air brushes up against your skin, patterned jackets are the most stylish way to keep warm.

Fortunately for TWHS, we have some of our own fashion first responders on call 24/7.
Emeri Beitler and Fernanda Braniff, heroes this community is lucky to have, are fashionistas I admire. More like stalk their instas for inspiration and then later on wear my own Walmart version of their insta worthy fits.

In fashion training (fashion seminars, kind of like CPR training, I mean anything to revive outfits), Emeri and Fernanda both teach the same rules for picking out a dapper look.

“My first step in picking out an outfit would be deciding what kind of mood I am going for, Beitler said.“For example if I am feeling some color or if I want to go for a more classic look. Picking out an outfit is all about what one feels in the moment and what they want to express in the moment and what they want to express to the world that day. I usually start with one item I want to wear and try to match colors and patterns of that. I really love the layering trend. It’s an easy way to make outfits more visually interesting with colors and textures.”

During the seminar I morphed into an annoying kid, always raising my hand. I asked them about a trend that was definitely within the syllabus of fashion training, like hospital rules.

“A trend I’ve tried to stay clear of is biker shorts,” Braniff said. “Although they are extremely flattering on some, I just can’t seem to make them work on myself! To those who do, you all look amazing!”

On the first day of being a fashion first responder, Beitler learned her least favorite fashion trend.

“Clothing is subjective and serves everybody in different ways so I wouldn’t say there is a trend I necessarily hate but for me I don’t love to wear low rise jeans,” Beitler said. “But I think they look really cool on other people.”

If you are anything like me, then you know the struggle in trying to find affordable clothes because, let’s just say, I am not made of money but I would like to look cute. I asked both Emeri and Fernanda where they get their clothes, and luckily they had some tips to offer.

“I can often be seen perusing the many Goodwills in our area,” Beitler said. “When I go thrifting I usually visit 2 or 3 stores.”

“I shop mostly from online stores like Princess Polly, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Zara, etc,” Braniff said. “I also try to shop from online small businesses as well as my local thrift shops and sometimes my mothers old closet. I am learning to be more cautious of the businesses I am supporting by buying their products and knowing what they stand for such as sustainability.”

Finally, the training class ended with hopes and dreams about the future of fall 2021. Fashionista Fernanda Braniff revealed that she thought Forest Green would be the trend of fall 2021.

“It’s a very classic and clean color that goes well with pretty much anything, also my favorite trend has to be bringing back 70s and 90s fashion!” Braniff said. “Including the big hair and big dress shirts. I feel that everybody can put their own twist to a classic 70s or 90s look.”

Fashionista Emeri Beitler expressed her hopes of jewel tones for fall 2021: “colors like emerald greens, sapphire blue, dark ruby, etc.”

After conversations with friends and tips from experts in the fashion industry, I now think I’m qualified to call myself a bit obsessive with creating an extraordinary outfit, but also I think it’s kind of a universal problem, right?

I know this feels like a surface level topic, I mean it’s not solving world hunger. But I feel as though it could benefit people with low self confidence. Guys, gals and, non-binary pals can all take note from these tips and hopefully learn to love or even just like picking out outfits, and not feeling defeated by the many dressing room battles fought. I know I’ll still sit in front of my closet for inspiration, but hopefully I can pull something together that gives me confidence as I march through the hallways. Honestly, wearing a good outfit is the reason I partially like school; having a dapper look is something that gives me a sense of relief and calms me through the stress of school. I know that sounds dramatic, but truly, a good outfit can go a long way in my/others self esteem. Ok, I’ve got to go now. My closet is calling my name to participate in another staring contest. Wish me luck!