Candy House reopens with new owners


Rory Cohn

One of the five owners, Wanda Graham, in the store decorated for Halloween. The store officially opened under new ownership on Sept. 1.

The Candy House, a local candy store, has been purchased and reopened by a Woodlands family. First opened in 1989, The Candy House closed down due to the death of the previous owner, Don Baker. With the reopening, new co-owner Wanda Graham aspired to keep the community love going. Graham and her family took over the store and reopened Sept. 1.
“We’ve been looking for a small business to do together as a family,” Graham said.

She partially owns the store with her two daughters, Courtney Moore and Kristen Watson, along with their husbands, Danny Moore and Reed Watson. The family wasn’t just interested in opening a small business; they have been regular customers of The Candy House for a while.

Homemade fudge has been a staple of The Candy House since it opened under the Bakers. (Rory Cohn)

“We have been going for years,” Graham said.

The family decided to purchase the store when they heard about it’s closing. Not only were they yearly customers but were very close with the previous owners, the Bakers.

“My daughter Courtney had worked for the Bakers at the old Conroe location,” Graham said.

Popcorn flavors will be expanded under the new owners, along with gift and event items. (Rory Cohn)

Keeping the beloved candy store open for future generations is very important to the new family owners to keep spreading the love that was spread to them before.

The Candy House is in the Glen Loch Shopping center, near McCullough Jr. High. They are closed Sunday and Monday, but open 10-6 Tuesday-Saturday.