Catch up with TWHS’ Amendola

Amendola played many positions as a Highlander.

Caledonian staff

Amendola played many positions as a Highlander.

Coach Sowda caught up with alum Danny Amendola after signing with the Texans.. and asked the questions that everyone wanted to know:

1. Q: What foods are you happy to be reunited with now that you’re back in Texas?

Danny: BBQ and Pappasito’s cafe

2. Q: How will playing for the hometown team be different than your time in New England, Detroit or Tampa Bay?

Danny: I will get to see my family and friends more, and they can see me play more.

3. Q: What are some of your best memories as a Highlander?

Danny: Playing in the 2003 State Championship game with my bros.

A page from the 2003 Caledonian, with highlights of Amendola’s senior year.

4. Q: What are some of the advantages of signing a one year contract?

Danny: Getting to re-up each year is a great advantage.

5. What are you thinking about your opportunities in signing with the Texans this year?

Danny: It’s an awesome opportunity and I’m very blessed.