Meet Lizzy Prather, TWHS student body president


Jenna Urban

Lizzy Prather handing out senior sunrise tickets in the cafeteria Sept. 30. Tickets were free and the breakfast was sponsored by Student Council.

What made you want to become Student Body President? “I care a lot about our school and I have a lot of school spirit. I think that school would be very dreadful if it did not have the excitement that our Student Council brings.”
What are your goals for the upcoming school year with the Student Council? “I would like to increase student involvement and make the school feel like a brighter place. I also would like to generate better student support and overall better the community.”
What are you most excited about for the upcoming school year? “I am most excited to hear all of the student’s ideas, take initiative, and take everyone’s concerns and Ideas into account.”
What are some of your responsibilities as Student Body President? “A few of my responsibilities are to help run all of the Student Council meetings, help plan homecoming events, help plan prom, host all things senior related, oversee Student Council events, do the daily announcements, and be a positive advocate for the student body.
Why do you think you will make a good President? “I think that I relate to a typical student and understand common struggles. I think that with my experience with Student Council and having a good understanding of what a TWHS student needs to be successful, I can help enhance their experience at The Woodlands Highs school.