The cookie “Crumbl-ed”


Laura Landsbaum

A dozen Crumbl cookies from opening day in Magnolia on Sept. 3. Their app makes ordering for pick-up easy and avoids the lines.

Crumbl Cookies is a new Magnolia cookie shop that has six options available. Two are standard cookies that are available year-round and four are traded out every week. I tried all six that were available on Sept. 18. From the first look, I was impressed with the size and smell of the cookies. Each cookie was $4 or a six-pack for $20. After many ups and downs, my final review was that they were okay. I wouldn’t purchase them again because four days later I still woke up with nightmares about what they call a cookie.

Chocolate Chip– This was by far the best thing I ate there. It was soft, warm, and gooey. If I had to have a complaint it would be that it was slightly doughy, but it didn’t bother me too much. The Chocolate chip is the only thing I would go back for. 9/10

Pumpkin Chocolate chip– I’m not a huge pumpkin fan but this was surprisingly good. It tastes less like a cookie and more like pumpkin bread, but I think that is in its favor. It was soft and moist and the addition of chocolate chips tied it all together. 7/10

Sugar Cookie– This was a pretty decent cookie. While it wasn’t much better than the kind you can get at the grocery store, it was better than most things I tried. The base was sweet and soft on the inside while the icing had a slight fruity taste to it. Overall it was a solid cookie, but not mind-blowing. 6/10

Blueberry Cheesecake– I didn’t go back for a second bite. This tasted like oats with cream cheese icing on top. The cookie was topped with a blueberry jam that didn’t go well with the icing. The cookie itself was bland; less of a cookie and more of a muffin top. It wasn’t repulsive, and I could see someone who hates fun liking this. 3/10

Sherbert– How does a 7 Up that has been left in your car for three days sound? If you said delicious, then this cookie is for you. It was lemony, chewy, and was dyed a greenish-pink that was as confusing as the flavor. It was not great, and I didn’t eat more than two bites. 2/10

Chocolate Peanut Butter- My opinion on this is as bitter as the cookie. Have you ever swallowed straight, unsweetened cocoa powder and then immediately ate three peanut butter chocolate chips? I imagine this would be a similar experience. The cookie was dry and had only a few peanut butter chips in it. I wouldn’t recommend eating it with the mindset that it will taste like a Reese’s cup and more of Reese’s third cousin that no one likes. 1/10