Pumpkin spice first timer tries Dunkin, Starbucks


courtesy of Starbuck.com

Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks were available in September.

As the world transitions from summer to fall, seasonal food items change. With the fall season rolling in, the re-release of pumpkin spice food and drink items are here for a limited time. Two of my favorite places had some of these items, so I’m here to tell you what’s best.

The first item I decided to try was the pumpkin cream cold brew from Dunkin. I had pretty high hopes for this, but I will say it did disappoint me. The cold foam on top had an extremely strong flavor and was heavier, almost like the texture of whipped cream. The cold brew itself didn’t have much flavor at all. For a medium, the price was good ($3.99).

After trying that, I had to try the one from Starbucks and see if it was any better. The presentation was equal to Dunkin’s, however, a grande is much smaller than a medium at Dunkin, but the price was higher ($4.45). I thought this drink was pretty spot on. The cold foam was light and fluffy and had a perfect flavor. The cold brew was also quite delectable.

I also wanted to compare some of their pumpkin spice-flavored food items. The item I tried from Dunkin was their pumpkin donut. I got this donut last year and was so sad I had to wait another year. The flavor in this is amazing but I will say the texture of the donut is a bit dry. It’s definitely worth the price ($1.09).

Sadly, Starbucks doesn’t sell donuts, but they do have some pumpkin-flavored treats. The one I decided to try was their pumpkin loaf. I never really get food items from Starbucks, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really enjoyed this pumpkin loaf. The texture of the bread was so moist and fluffy and in all honesty, blew the pumpkin donut away. I will say, the price is way too high for this product ($2.45).

If you want to grab a pumpkin-flavored item, I would head to Starbucks. I think they executed their pumpkin-flavored items more nicely than Dunkin did. The only problem I have with it is the pricing. Personally, I am willing to spend that money, but if you aren’t, Dunkin is still a good choice.