TWHS choir students hit high notes at region auditions

The TWHS Choir has started off the TMEA season on a high note, and will be warming up for more auditions to come.

TMEA, Texas Music Educators Association, holds an annual All-State audition for multiple divisions of the musical arts, choir included. Every fall, students from the TWHS Choir audition at the District level and begin the selective and challenging All-State process.

The musical literature for this competition is meant to challenge students to grow in their musical abilities and helps them to become not just better singers, but more well rounded musicians and members of choir.

The singers prepared during the start of the school year, and this past October, Patrick Newcomb’s choir students who had advanced past district were given the opportunity to sing for anonymous judges at the Region level.

By the end of the day on Saturday, Oct.16, 54 students had earned membership in the Region choir, along with 2 alternates. Of these, 41 members of the TWHS choir will be advancing on to the third round of auditions in November.

Director Patrick Newcomb was thrilled and immensely proud of the singers and praised their achievement.

“About 25% of all the singers at the next round will be TWHS Choir Members. We’re super proud of their hard work and dedication,” Newcomb said.

Choir president and senior Meaghan Walsh was equally as happy for her fellow choir members.

“I’m so proud of everyone who auditioned for giving their all to this process and committing to the music. I love the camaraderie in our program,” said Welsh. “We’re always hyping each other up and offering words of advice about our audition techniques, and that was definitely present at Region auditions.”

Following this audition, the Region members participated in a thorough rehearsal process and clinic, further perfecting the music they have been working hard on for months. This work was showcased in a concert on No. 13.

The next step in the process will be preparing for and auditioning at the Pre-Area level, and TWHS’ own choir members will be hosting the competition at the end of the month.

“We take hosting the next round extremely seriously and will make sure to make the audition experience for everyone involved go as smoothly as possible,” senior tenor section leader Mercer Sadlier said.

“I hope everyone does extremely well at the next audition and that their hard work pays off!”

The Woodlands High School choir will host the Pre- Area auditions on Nov. 30.