Charley Cheesesteak opens at food court

Charleys also has a location in the Wal-Mart at 242 and I-45.

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Charley’s also has a location in the Wal-Mart at 242 and I-45.

Is Charley’s cheesesteaks any good? Last weekend, I went to the new restaurant in the mall, Charley’s Cheesesteaks to see if it was worth the hype.

First of all, let’s talk about the staff: the staff were very friendly and they seemed to be having real fun at work. As a fellow minimum wage employee, it was really refreshing to see the employees at Charley’s (as far as I could see) being friendly with each other as well as with customers.

But how was the food at Charley’s? I ordered the original Philly cheesesteak and cheese fries. It ended up being more food than I could eat, so I split it with my little brother for a second opinion. The meat seemed to be high quality and it wasn’t over cooked or under cooked. The sandwich was a little greasy, but it wasn’t anything too bad. The best part, though, was the cheese fries. They weren’t too salty or too greasy, and they were easy to eat. They also sell fries with cheese, bacon, and ranch, for anyone who likes fries with more toppings (it’s called the ultimate fries).

Overall, I would go back to Charley’s again, but I would order less food because I can’t eat a whole sandwich and fries by myself. My total ended up over $11 including the discount, and that is a lot to pay for someone making minimum wage. I would definitely recommend Charley’s because of the service and food, and I see myself going back soon.