‘The Batman’ creates a super hero legacy

The Batman, showing in theaters everywhere.

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The Batman, showing in theaters everywhere.

The Batman was released on March 4 and as a fan of DC comics I will tell you my arms are full of goosebumps by what I saw in front of my eyes, the music I heard, the movie theater shaking, the feeling of being a fan and seeing something well done for one of your favorite super-heroes.

A series of assassinations that are targeting the vigilante of Gotham, the killer left some cryptic clues and now Batman has to follow and decrypt, the clues from the riddle, to do that he will have to go down into the corruption of Gotham City, going after the Falcone, Penguin and many other characters that will get him closer to who Riddler is.

I think the first thing I have to say is how the movie shows Gotham City as a character as well, watching the movie you can tell that the city is oppressive, too big for its own people, dangerous, corrupt, dark, with a depth in its own discussion, politics, Mafia, heavy rain, long nights, a city that will make you see crimes every time and everyday, a city that will easily make anyone crazy.

We are here talking about Batman year two where he is already established as Batman, as Gotham’s vigilante but he isn’t a his peak so you can clearly see that he won’t be the best in the fights, he won’t be the best detective, the most interesting thing about this Batman is to actually see him investigating being a detective. The attention to detail in this movie is what makes it really special, how they build this character in the movie that shows he conquer the city not by being everywhere but by making everyone scared of the possibility of being everywhere, the bat signal on this movie is not used as a call to The Batman, it’s actually a warning to any criminal, so they know that there is a chance of them getting what they deserve.

The movie has great actors such as Robert Pattinson (Batman), Zoë Kravitz (Selina Kyle), Paul Dano (Riddler), Collin Farrell (Penguin) and Jeffrey Wright (James Gordon), each one of them has their own moment of development, from Batman going from only being a vigilante to becoming a good symbol for the city of Gotham, Selina showing good reasons to hate the corruption of Gotham but making part of it because of a life without many options, Riddler exposing the rich and unfair people from Gotham, Penguin and his motivation to be the biggest corrupt of Gotham, Gordon being a cop in a city that most of the people are corrupt even those who should be on his side.

The movie uses technology as a means to an end, in a way that makes the fictional scenario closer to what we have in our world, with people that are fanatics for ideas and end up doing hate crimes, cyber crimes just to show that they exist on this world.

One of the things I think everyone can tell about this movie is the sound design is impressive from the musics they used it, the sound effects and the way they build a scene together, the first time the audience gets to see the batmobile for the first time is when we have an absolute blast of information from the audio, the music rises and the effects from the audio of the car makes the car become a character as well that will show it own desire to catch a criminal.
Now as much as I talk about how good the movie is I really think is important to see the real message that the movie brings to us, who and how can we impact in a long run, this movie shows in small details that the things that the batman is doing are not being effective for innocent so he has to develop something within him to show that he is different.

For the first time Batman fans had the opportunity to see Batman as what he is a detective, many scenes from this movie show him going back and forth with information that he just found, many of this movie detail will show up later to show that he has to be a good detective.

Something that the director was really brave to do is to show that winning or being the super hero doesn’t always mean you will save everyone, sometimes it just means that you will have to save the people from the conditions of the mistakes of your own actions.

In general The Batman is a thrilling and exciting movie for the fans and a good start for not super hero movie fans, it is truly great cinema where you will feel happy, emotional, sad, scared even impressed but clearly not a forgettable movie.

If this movie makes an impact on the industry of movies I hope they understand super heroes are much more than just fight scenes and a great and big third act is also about art, music, color, script, and if this movie will leave a legacy I am happy to know we are in good hands.