Super Smash Brothers tournament next week


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Scan the QR code to sign up for the tournament next Thursday after school on the main campus. Admission is $5.

The Super Smash Brothers Club has made waves by winning their first tournament this past February, and will host a tournament next week.

The club, led by sophomore Kevin Smith, was created after Smith realized that there was not a club dedicated to online gaming.

“I thought of something that I’m passionate about and something that has an audience at this school, and as I thought about it, I thought of video games,” Smith said.

Specifically, Smith is especially passionate about Super Smash Brothers.

“I asked my friends if they’d be willing to join a club for Smash Bros, they told me ‘yes’, and said they had other friends that would be interested in playing,” Smith said.

At the first meeting, more students showed up than expected.

“I expected there to be around 15 people, we ended up getting around 30,” said Smith.

In addition to fostering a community of gamers, Smith also wanted to compete outside of school.

For the first tournament, sophomores Kevin Smith, Samuel Tay, and freshman Isaac Campbell, and senior Nico Rodrigueiz all competed, with Rodriguez serving as the team alternate.

“We signed up on a website called PlayVS, and competed at Starbucks,” said Tay.

Smith, Tay, and Campbell won their match against Atascocita, a strong win for the debut tournament for the club.

The four teammates have a strong love for playing video games and hope to see the club grow in the future.