TWHS rugby club to compete in state championship


Kenzie Cochran

Woodlands rugby player Lucas Staggs scores a try in a home game against Jesuit on Friday, March 4.

Michael Pineda, Contributing Writer

The Woodlands Youth Rugby Club competed against Four Points in the state semifinals at Alden Bridge Sports Fields on Sat., May 7 and won 45-13.

There was a lot on the line for both teams in that game. Winning meant they would move to the state championship game, and losing would end the season.

The Woodlands, which is currently ranked #2 in the nation, began the game with an unusual feeling that they did not want to be there. The temperature was in the 90s with high humidity and both teams were dripping with sweat.

As the Woodlands kicked the ball to Four Points and the game began, both teams clashed lethargically.

“It didn’t feel like the boys wanted to be there,” TWHS junior Steele Herndon said. “There weren’t any big hits, and they were leaving a lot of gaps in the defense.”

By halftime, the Woodlands was up 26 to 6, and they knew they had to change their playing style if they wanted to stay in the lead.

“Our play style was a bit sloppy at points, but it didn’t stop us from playing our game,” Spring high school sophomore Skylawn Feleota said. “We just had to refocus on everything we learned in practice, and we started to clean up our game.”

`After the Woodlands cleaned up their game, they tightened their defense and only allowed for one more tri against them.

“We won the game, but we still have a lot of things to work on,” Klein Oak senior Nicholas Powell said. “Being ready for nationals is the most important thing right now, and I know that we will be more prepared and focused for the upcoming state final.”