Crack the code in video game creation


Junior Samuel Berman created a computer science course to teach his peers how to make video games.

Berman has coding experience and has made several games himself, so he decided he could use this skill to help others.

“I like teaching people,” Berman said. “Last year I did a lot of tutoring, and I figured why not teach people a little more of a fun skill rather than chemistry.”

Berman offers two different courses depending on coding experience. One is for beginners which uses Scratch, a block coding program, and the more advanced option uses Unity which operates with the programming language C#.

“Unity C# is industry standard in game development,” Berman said. “You can crank out games really fast using that engine, and I will teach you how to.”

In this course, there are several projects to practice and experiment with game design.

“There’s some easier projects at the beginning,” Berman said. “As they teach you the basic skills, they get more and more difficult as you progress, but also more rewarding. The first course is one called Rocket Dancer.”

There is also a competitive initiative to engage in this course which allows participants to put their skills to good use.

“It’s fun, it teaches you a lot, and you can compete,” Berman said. “There is a game competition called Ludum Dare, and if you register, I can put you on the team that I formed to compete this October.”

Lessons are an hour long, each costing $25 and are scheduled by either talking to Berman or emailing [email protected].