Take “The Stand” for American food


Norah Day

The Stand is an LA based restaurant that features twists on some American classics. Recently one of the restaurants opened up at Hughes Landing.

A new chain has opened its doors in The Woodlands, Texas, the newest American classic restaurant known as “The Stand.” Although the restaurant has only been open a little over a week , I took the opportunity to visit it with my family and see how “classic” this restaurant truly is.

As soon as my family and I walked in we were immediately greeted by the employees. Not only were the employees welcoming and friendly, but they were also incredibly efficient and hardworking.

The menu is the perfect size with the number of foods offered; it doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, but it also doesn’t leave you feeling like you have no options. Many of the dishes are unique such as the “Ultime egg burger” or the “Fire fries.” However, this may not be the restaurant to come to if you’re looking for a cheap and easy meal, for four entrees, four sides, and four drinks the total came out to be $78, including tip.

I ordered The Stand Hot Dog ($6.95); there isn’t much to describe as it tastes exactly like a traditional hot dog, however the roundness of said hot dog makes it slightly difficult to bite into, but I don’t think this should be looked upon negatively considering that is how a hot dog is supposed to be. I ordered my ¼ Lb hot dog with a side of regular potato fries ($3.50). The fries are in a nice shape and texture, not too salty and not too greasy.

Along with the regular fries, I also had the opportunity to try their “Fire fries ($3.75).” I would describe it as an alternative to wings. The sauce tastes exactly like the sauce you would find on a traditional wing, however it is potato and not meat.

They carry various types of special lemonades and frescas ($2.95). Unfortunately, I was not able to taste test their lemonade, however I was able to try their cucumber mint agua fresca. It was incredibly refreshing, the taste favors cucumber over mint, nevertheless it is refreshing and enjoyable.

Would I go back? I say with great joy that I would revisit “The Stand” especially if I am looking for a traditional American meal, paired with a couple non traditional dishes.

The Stand is at 2000 Hughes Landing, right across from Whole Foods. They are open 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.