Tip to tip comparison – Plush vs. Venetian Nail

Finding the perfect nail salon can be a difficult task. The Woodlands is overflowing with them on every corner. The most popular in our area are Plush Nail Bar and Venetian Nail Spa.

Plush Nail Bar is located off of Woodlands Parkway and Terramont Dr. The inside is very modern and open with lots of light coming in. Venetian is located in Hughes landing off of Lake Woodlands. It’s inside is much darker and provides a bit less of an airy feeling. However the area it’s in has a lot more around it than Plush. Plush is smaller than Venetian, so they have less seats.

When walking into Plush you’re greeted, and fill out a slip marking what services you’d like to receive. Compared to Venetian where you are greeted and tell the person you are greeted by what services you would like. I’ve had many experiences at Plush where I have waited an extremely long time to get services, granted I am usually a walk in. However, I have never had that experience at Venetian.

At Plush I have always received spectacular customer service. Knowing names is such a small thing, but I have noticed that the workers there always remember you and your family. I haven’t ever noticed that at Venetian. Both places provide you with drinks. Plush also has homemade spring rolls, fruit cups, and more they go around handing out. Plush also has a much wider drink selection. Plush also offers you a free massage, which Venetian does not.

Both salons are very pricey in my opinion. Plush starts at $25 for manicures. Venetian manicures start at $24. A full set at Plush starts at $52, compared to Venetian which starts at $45. However in my experience Plush adds a more expensive charge for designs, length and shape than Venetian.