Meet TWHS student body president – Elizabeth Proctor


Ted Bell

Elizabeth Procter, second from left, with student council officers at the Senior Field Day.

Elizabeth Proctor’s love of The Woodlands, Texas has sparkled into many different aspects of her life. Her freetime is dedicated to leaving our town better than she found it through her choice of activities that she is passionate about. One of these is being this year’s Student Body President.
“I love contributing and giving back to the community, and so I thought that student body president would be a great position to allow me to get to do that,” Proctor said.
Elizabeth moved to The Woodlands at age 2, and has lived here for 15 years. She loves being involved in her community, and even works as a lifeguard at the township. For her, The Woodlands is the best place to be.
“I love everything about The Woodlands,” Procter said.
Her admiration for our community has transcended into her appreciation for teachers at The Woodlands High School as well, and furthers her love for our school.
“My favorite thing about The Woodlands would probably be how much our teachers care for us,” she said. “Teachers are always willing to stay after school or come in early to help us like at tutoring. And also they’re willing to help us start clubs. We have so many clubs at our school, but if you’re like ‘Oh none of these interest me’ there’s gonna be a teacher willing to sponsor one which is really amazing to me.
The Student Council is involved in running events all around the school, from creating goody-bags for the teachers, to planning prom. Everyone in the club makes it their job to make the school a happier, positive environment, filled with entertaining activities. Being an officer in the club allows you to make new friends, and try to better your school as well.
“I’ve been in Student Council since my freshman year of high school, and I’ve been an officer since my sophomore year of high school,” Procter said.
Each year the Woodlands High School’s Student Council has elections for executive positions (Student Body President, Student Class Presidents, Class Coordinator, etc). The highest role in Student Council is Student Body President, and the job requires one to be a voice for the entire school, and to plan and create activities for the student body to participate in. With this being her senior year, Elizabeth knew it was time for her to run for Student Body President, an office for which she was ultimately elected.
“I decided to run for Student Body President because I’ve always been involved in Student Council,” Procter said. “I’ve always had a love for Student Council, and I love contributing and giving back to the community, and so I thought that Student Body President would be a great position to allow me to do that.”
A Student Body President must be many different things: kind, smart, caring, and passionate. These are all characteristics that the Student Body President should have in order to hold this position, and not only is Elizabeth all of these things, but she is also confident. In order to be a Student Body President, you need to be comfortable in public speaking, which is not always everyone’s strength. However for Elizabeth, it is.
“So my favorite part about being Student Body President- I love that question- is probably leading and speaking in front of other people. I love public speaking, so I got to speak in front of all of the teachers at the “Welcome Back Teachers Assembly.” I love doing that, and then leading the Student Council meeting was so much fun,” she said.

Join clubs and get involved in activities to make your high school experience more fun because you only get to do it once.

— Elizabeth Proctor


The 2022-2023 school year has arrived, and it has arrived fast. For the Student Council officers, part of their jobs is to come up with fun, new plans for the school year, and Elizabeth has already done just that in the short amount of time that school’s been back in session.
“So we’ve already planned, and it’s about to happen, ‘Senior Field Day,’ which is our first ever one, so I’m really excited about that,” Proctor said, “Also, I really want to have more student engagement activities. If it’s at lunch, and we have a little activity going on-just to make school a happier environment, and not stressful, and things to look forward to.” Elizabeth said.
Proctor’s goals for our lunches will create a more enjoyable, interactive environment at school where people can have fun and make memories during the school day. These activities will brighten students’ days, and are definitely things that the student body can be excited about.
Procter has had a big role in the planning process for Senior Field Day, and the hard work of everyone involved paid off. One hundred-fifty seniors attended the event, and according to everyone who went, it was a hit. Seniors got to participate in field day games which brought a bit of nostalgia back to the field days of their elementary school years. Students had a great time, and were so appreciative of this new senior activity.