Two realms. One choice. No second chance with Everlife series.


Kadence Muehe

All three books are available in the TWHS library.

The Everlife series, “Firstlife”, “Lifeblood”, and “Everlife”, are young adult fantasy novels written by Gena Showalter, published between 2016 and 2018.
The series tells a story of a world where life only begins after death. In the afterlife, two realms are in power: Troika and Myriad, longtime enemies and deadly rivals.


Ten, a young girl, is placed in an asylum for refusing to let her parents choose where she will live after she dies. They want her to sign with Myriad, their chosen destination for Everlife (mainly because of their higher power in the realm) and will do anything to make it happen. After more than a year of being imprisoned, a young Irish bad boy, Killian, is sent to persuade Ten into signing to Myriad. She then finds herself on the run caught in a wild Tug-of-War between the two realms who both want the right to her soul.

I love how this book keeps you thinking about what’s going to happen next. There was never a dull moment which I was really happy about. I’ve always found the first book of a series to be a little slow. This first book definitely does not do that!


Lifeblood is both amazing and annoying. As Ten explores the Everlife, she finds happiness in her new home, but then comes back to reality, where she finds herself stuck in the middle of the two realms rivalry because of her pledge to her chosen realm (As if her life wasn’t already stressful).
This book was an emotional roller coaster. One minute I’m devoured in the dreamy scenes between Ten and Killian, the next, I’m stuck in the anxiety-inducing scenes. My mind went to so many different places during this book because I didn’t ever know what was going to happen. It was so exciting yet so nerve wrecking and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

Everlife picks up right where Lifeblood left off, and unfortunately jumps right into complete madness. In this book, Ten and Killians relationship advances all while trying to keep the Everlife from completely collapsing in on itself.

There were slow moments in the third installment, but I still never got bored of reading it. I was utterly astonished by the illusion Showalter created with her protagonists. I have never seen a book end the way it did in this series. I was very happy with the way it ended. Not only did Ten and Killian accomplish their goals, but they found their place in each others’ lives.

The Everlife series is my favorite series by far. It was a very unique idea where the realms kind of represent Heaven (Troika) and Hell (Myriad), but with a lot more imagination. It was filled with a description of a beautiful fantasy world, yet so realistic in its way of promoting peace.

There were epic battles, conflicts, and amazing character development that made this series an even more interesting read.

All these books are available in the TWHS library.