Crumbl vs. Twisted Sugar


Laura Landsbaum

Twisted Sugar and Crumbl are two premium cookie stores just minutes from TWHS.

I’m here to find out if theres really enough room for two cookie companies in the woodlands. Crumbl being one of the locals favorite sweet treat now has to compete with Twisted Sugar, a new cookie place that opened up in in February. I’ve had Crumbl many times and always enjoyed it however, I recently tried Twisted Sugar and it’s safe to say Crumbl definitely does have some competition.

Both Crumbl and Twisted Sugar offer more than just cookies. Crumbl has a selection of ice cream. The flavors change weekly just like their cookies however, the signature chocolate chip cookie and sugar cookie are always available as well as chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Twisted Sugar is not just known for their cookies they have a large selection of customizable sodas where you can mix and match to create your one of kind soda or just chose one combo off the large menu. Personally I don’t mind Crumbl’s weekly rotation of new flavors but i can see how that can be controversial compared to twisted sugar who offers a much larger set menu of cookies while also having seasonal and limited edition cookies. Twisted Sugar also offers vegan options unlike Crumbl who does not.

Moving on to pricing: I got a box of four cookies at Crumbl for about $13; and three cookies with a soda from Twisted Sugar for about a dollar less. Crumbl cookies are slightly bigger and sell at roughly $4 per cookie while Twisted sells around $3 per cookie.

Overall I enjoyed trying and comparing both cookie brands, but if I had to pick one after reviewing them both I’m leaning towards Twisted Sugar. Both cookie companies had very good cookies but eating a whole Crumbl cookie in one sitting is not practical for an average person. In fact, you will probably get a stomach ache, where as eating a cookie from Twisted Sugar in one sitting is much more realistic since they run at a little smaller size and tend to not be as filling or sugary. Another reason I’m leaning towards Twisted would be their larger menu of cookies. I know I will always be able to indulge in a cookie I like unlike Crumbl, who’s cookie menu changes weekly.

Twisted Sugar is in Cochran’s Crossing shopping center, just a few doors down from Kroger. Crumbl has several locations, but the closest to TWHS is in Magnolia.