Levure bakery a Creekside treat


Courtesy photo

Levure is located in Creekside Park, and faces the green.

If you are craving something new, healthy, and gourmet to eat for breakfast, there is the ideal location in The Woodlands. Located in The Village of Creekside, Levure Bakery is a French cafe that is perfect for eating, studying, and hanging out.

Right away when I walked in, I noticed how calming and satisfying the mood is. Levure offers comfy booths or regular table seating which is perfect for either studying or sharing a meal.

I got up to order on the counter and right off the bat, noticed the amazing coffee machine and wonderful staff. Levure’s vibe and ambiance is what drew me there and kept me there for about two hours. It’s so calming, and multipurpose, I had a chance to study, eat and just relax. I even invited my friend to eat with me and even she had more positive than negative things to say. I was greeted with smiles and was asked what I wanted to order. I ordered an Iced Chai Latte with Oat Milk ($4.25) and the Kouign Amann Sandwich ($13.25) that is made with a runny egg, bacon, arugula, and aioli in between a sweet, caramelized french pastry. Alongside the sandwich, it is served with seasoned potatoes. Not only was the whole meal tasty and well made, it was also really filling.

The only thing that was lacking for me were the potatoes. They were the perfect size, however, the seasoning they used was too soft for my taste. The potatoes needed more salt and powerful seasoning. They could use more open seating and room because during a rush it gets a little too full and the service becomes slow, and prices could be lower compared to meals in other restaurants with bigger portions.

Overall, I would rate Levure a four out of five stars. Whenever you get the chance to eat out, have a study session, or just hang out with your friends, Levure is the perfect place to go because you are guaranteed good food and great service.

They are open daily, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.