Fast food fries, first to last


Natalie Whiteman

A medium fry at McDonalds has about 333 calories.

Craving fries? Here’s my take on where the best (and worst) places are to go for a medium fry.

While McDonald’s fries ($1.79) may be tasty, I can’t eat them due to dietary restrictions. They have Natural Beef Flavoring in them, which contains milk derivatives. Anyone who doesn’t mind this likely will strongly disagree with its placement on the ranking, though.

Looking for a snack that lacks both taste and substance? Perhaps you should stop by Dairy Queen ($2.19). I couldn’t finish the medium batch of fries I bought; the underwhelmingness of it overwhelmed my senses.

Sonic’s fries ($1.99) are decent at best. Between its starchy, soft texture and bland taste, the snack is just not that impressive. On the other hand, their tater tots deserve some love; they’re crispy, salty, and delicious.

There are 450 calories in a large fry from Sonic. (Anna Green)

Wendy’s fries ($1.99) aren’t awful, but they’re not outstanding. They got crunch, but they are a bit too starchy and not salty enough for me.

Chick-fil-A’s specialty – their waffle fries ($1.89) – are unique and mouthwatering. Their shape somehow elevates the eating experience. Additionally, they’re crispy and salty, yet soft on the inside. If you’re ever craving a good fry, Chick-fil-A may be the way to go.

Whataburger holds a special place in my heart. Their delicious, soft, salty fries ($1.84) have always been there for me. Dunking them in their spicy ketchup is the cherry on top. Some may argue that they are too soggy, and I see where they come from. However, I think they’re the perfect amount of salty and warm, and I scarf them down in seconds.

Here is my ranking of the fries, from worst to best:

6. McDonalds
5. Dairy Queen
4. Sonic
3. Wendys
2. Chick Fil A
1. Whataburger

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