Students form men’s volleyball club at TWHS


Paysse Groen

The men’s volleyball team practices at The Woodlands church in August. The team’s games will start later this fall.

A men’s club volleyball team was formed last year at TWHS.

“I first started the club after gaining an interest in the competitive aspect of the sport while playing with my friends,” senior Benjamin Honea said. “ I contacted Coach [Terri] Wade and we were able to start the club.”

They had a variety of ways to develop interest and find new members in their club. “We started with an open gym in fall, then a meeting, and then the contact list,” Wade said.

Right now, there are 41 students on the team. Twelve of them will play at the varsity level, according to Honea. When league play starts, their opponents will be local.

Left to right, Benjamin Honea, Vishna Ragothaman, Everett Key, Braelon Abueita, Juan Sett, Jack Parkin, Will Suter and Carlos Isaba at The Woodlands Church. (Paysse Groen)

“We play against other schools because the men’s volleyball team is considered a sport,” senior Juan Sett said.

“We play against other clubs, everyone within the district, then we go to state and play against teams from Dallas and Austin,” Honea said.

The team has several goals for the year. Despite being a relatively new club, the players have already set high expectations for themselves. They want to broaden their club and pursue their passion for the sport, while having fun.

“Some of my upcoming goals for this season personally are to be named all state setter at the state championship, but my goals for the team are to lead the region to a state title as well as naming the succeeding president,” Honea said.

The team will play several tournaments outside of the district.

“To win at Rockwall, a city in Dallas that hosts the tournament,” senior Braelon Abueita said. The club’s goal is to expand into an official UIL sport in the upcoming year.

“If it keeps having the growth that happened last year then yes, plus neighboring schools have teams which will influence our school to have our club be an actual sport,”
Honea said.

Many of the members, including the coach, agree that the club should be considered a sport.

“ I think eventually it’ll get there but there are steps that have to be taken for it to happen (league),” Wade said.