Hopdoddy review

The other day my friend Mia and I decided to try Hopdoddy. When I heard that there was a new burger joint in town, I had to see what the hype was about. My friend and I love a good burger and are always down to try a new restaurant.

We got there and instantly fell in love with the vibe. I loved how there was a counter you can just go up to and order and then they let you sit anywhere and just bring out your food to you. The staff was so nice and the restaurant was very cozy and laid back. Most importantly though, the food was insanely good. I got The Classic Burger with Bacon and Cheese ($8.00) with a side of garlic parmesan truffle fries($3.00). I loved the truffle dipping sauce for the french fries. It added so much flavor.

The burger was super big and filling. I got about halfway done till I was completely full. I also topped my meal off with a nice cold Dr Pepper. My friend Mia got The Classic Burger with cheese ($7.00) with a side of truffle parmesan fries ($3.89) as well. She really enjoyed her burger and it filled her up about half way through as well. I didn’t feel too full or bloated after eating there, which is awesome.Since it’s a burger place with a basket full of fries served to you as a side.

Like I was saying before, the service was pretty good considering they were busy on a Saturday. On top of that the staff was very friendly and laid back. They didn’t seem rushed or upset, everyone was full of positive energy in the restaurant. The restaurant was super clean and had cute lights hanging from the ceiling which gave an overall comfortable vibe. I loved the high top booths, they were very comfortable. I also like how you pay up front too at the counter because there is nothing more annoying than waiting to get the check when you’re full of food and ready to go home.

Overall I recommend Hopdoddy to everyone and rate it a good nine out of ten. It’s one of those places you just have to try in your life.