Confessions of a shopaholic



The movie is based on a series of books by Sophia Kinsella, and combines elements of the first two books. There are nine books in the series.

Do you love 90s-2000s romcoms like “Mean Girls” or “10 Things I Hate About You”? If so, you need to watch “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. It’s a great guilty pleasure movie full of cheesy montages to watch over the weekend to take a break from studying.

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” is a 2009 romantic comedy that follows Rebecca Blackwood as she struggles to overcome a shopping addiction and deal with her financial crisis.

Isla Fisher did an excellent job playing the motivated and vibrant main character, Rebecca Blackwood with dramatic overacting. The character’s determination to not tell the truth if it’ll disappoint someone or get herself in trouble, provides great comedy relief in the midst of her crises. Fisher has previously played Tooth in “Rise of the Guardians” and Gloria in “Wedding Crashers”, along with several other roles. The business-driven love interest, Luke Brandon is played by Hugh Dancy, also known for playing Will Graham in “Hannibal” and Ted in “Martha Marcy May Marlene”.

I think the actors did a wonderful job bringing their characters to life by leaning into the absurdity of the storyline and embracing the corny early 2000s rom-com vibe. Watching Rebecca’s character grow throughout the movie is hilarious and heartwarming and is what makes this one of my favorite comfort movies for a bad day.

We all know clothing says a lot about who we are, and Rebecca Blackwood’s outfits are no exception to this truth. Each outfit is bold and extravagant just like her. And usually very colorful, but when the outfit lacks color the texture and silhouette will still stand out in a crowd just like Rebecca.

The director, P.J. Hogan, has directed 10 other films including “Muriel’s Wedding”, “Peter Pan”, and “Unconditional Love”. He has also written several other films such as “The Dressmaker”.

The run time is 1 hour 45 minutes and available on Disney+ and can be rented on Apple TV, VUDU, and Amazon Prime. It’s family friendly, rated PG. Overall, I give this movie 4/5 stars.