Shopping: In person or Online?


Created by Lu Pangaio

With COVID-19, many shoppers turned to online shopping. When restrictions were lifted, some embraced in-person shopping while others loved the convenience of online shopping.

Nowadays, everything can be done virtually. Online shopping is one aspect that has grown incredibly popular, though. In the past, the only method to purchase anything was to physically purchase it from a store. This is still a choice, but now you can purchase almost anything and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. It’s not hard to see why this is such a common choice. Because of how convenient it is, some consumers no longer even consider visiting physical stores and instead almost exclusively purchase online. However, there are some benefits to shopping in person as well. I’ve made a Pros and Cons list for shopping through both methods to better compare the two.

You have access to more options than you would in stores
It arrives right at your doorstep
It is time convenient
You can compare prices
There are more discounts and offers available
You don’t have to find a parking spot!
You’re able to see other people’s reviews
There’re more payment methods offered

You have to provide your personal information
You don’t get to try things on (it’s a guessing game)
You pay extra for shipping
The delivery might get delayed
Privacy and security

You don’t have to wait for an item to arrive
You’re able to feel the material and try it on
No shipping fee
Card payments are done through chip
More secure than through a website

Parking can be a hassle
You have to wait in line to purchase an item
The salesperson may be pushing you to purchase an item against your will
You may catch the COVID-19 virus
Gas money for your car

Whether you purchase in person or online, both methods have advantages. Even though internet shopping has become more popular, the majority of consumers still prefer to make their final purchases in stores rather than online. Everything depends on your unique tastes!