“Cars and Coffee” show hosts 100 cars, community

Kaleb Bearb

Maya Burch, Writer

The TWHS Automotive Enthusiasts Club’s “Cars and Coffee” event two weekends on Oct. 15 ago was a huge success. The event was run primarily by Andrew Rogers, US History teacher and sponsor of the AE Club and the officers; which include President Bailey Good, Vice President Clay Paez, Jake Graham, Matthew Tamas, and Bella Hart. At the peak of the morning, they had about 100 cars of various makes and models, according to Rodgers. 

The club has about 25 members and they meet in room 232 every other Monday. They learn about cars, as well as plan car meets and events. 

“There are no requirements [to join the AE Club or go to the events]!  Just have an interest in cars, trucks or motorcycles,” Good said.


A major difference between the AE Club and other car clubs is diversity. Not all the cars shown were fancy or expensive; there were cars of various makes, price points, and conditions. Any car, from the ordinary ones that TWHS students drive to school every day to the CISD superintendent Dr. Curtis Null’s  ‘66 Mustang convertible. 

“[There’s] a lot of negativity around car culture and it’s good to see it turn positive,” Rogers said.

 However, many of the cars the AE club showcased are not commonly seen on the road. The highlights from last weekend in particular, according to Rogers included a classic Mercedes convertible, a McLaren Supercharger and a classic Mustang motor in the body of a race car.

Hosting events like these allows for community involvement. 

According to Good, the club meets every other Monday in room 232 after school.  They “learn and talk about cars and plan car meets and events,” Good said.  

The Automotive Enthusiasts club would love to see more students come to future shows, which will be held on Nov. 19  from 8-11 a.m. and Dec. 10 in the 1000s lot at the front of school. There will be free coffee and donuts for all who attend, and there are expected to be even more cars. In addition to working with The Woodlands Cars and Coffee, they may be hosting future events with a barbecue food truck, as well as a car imports company in Houston. They also plan to host a district wide showcase in April at Woodforest Stadium.