Give Lacrosse some love!

Courtesy of Jen Spartz

The TWHS girls high school lacrosse team practices at Alden Bridge Sports park. More info is at

If you are like me, or any somewhat normal person living in the United States today, you would have a healthy appreciation of the sports. Doesn’t even matter what kind, except for golf. No one could ever actually enjoy golf.

But that is besides my point. The point here is that my sport, the wonderful sport of lacrosse, isn’t as celebrated as the other sports at our school, even sports that barely have a big fan following. Cough cough water polo. What? Who said that?

You see, as any athlete would, I have an immense amount of pride for my sport. I work hard for it! In our off season we practice at least 4 hours a week, not counting what I do on my own time, and during our actual season it can easily be double that time. And what do me and my teammates get for that work? In terms of recognition, it is close to none.

Now, I wouldn’t get as upset with this if it was the same for other sports, but even water polo gets to announce their games or matches or whatever they do at the pep rallies we have before football games. Now, water polo has around 44,210 participants in high schools around the country, while lacrosse has 213,452 players.

How can a sport that big not be given the acknowledgement that it deserves? It makes no sense at all!

Lacrosse is also one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, with an increased percentage of a whopping 12.3%. Let’s be for real here: with a sport that has grown that much in such a short amount of time, it would be smart for others to actually recognize this amazing sport and at the very least let the lacrosse team announce their games so others can come and watch.

If one tries to argue about awareness and how people don’t even know what lacrosse is, I would, respectfully of course, tell them to check into the closest geriatric ward. Even there lacrosse would fit in there with it being the oldest organized sport in the United States.

Oh shoot, I got a little off topic. As I was saying, awareness, geriatric ward, yeah. If we want to spread awareness about a little known sport (it’s actually fairly well known, at least more than water polo), it makes perfect sense to announce it in front of the masses to make it known. Any sane person with sense would see this clearly.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure water polo is a great sport with wonderful people that play it, it is just so unfair in my eyes that basically every sport under the sun is given recognition in high school except for my sport: lacrosse.

It is but a simple request for this delightful team sport to be given the validation it merits, and for it to be enjoyed by the greater public.