TWHS rolls out SMART tags for bus riders


Patrick Sammon

Each CISD bus is equipped with a SMART tag reader. In the future, the same tag will be used for cafeteria purchases and library book check-outs.

Starting next Tuesday, Feb. 14, Conroe ISD’s Woodlands feeder zone will implement SMART tags on all buses. These tags will allow the tracking and location of students taking a school bus to or from school.

When entering the bus, students will now see an iPad and reader where they will tap their SMART Tag.

“You tap your SMART tag to get on and off the bus,” associate principal Dennis Muehsler said.

With this new technology, the transportation department and school officials will be able to figure out if a student got on the bus and how long until they will be at their bus stop.

“If a parent calls and says, did my kid get on the bus? We can say ‘yep they tapped on the bus at 2:40, the bus left at 2:44, and they should be home in five minutes’,” Muehsler said.

The Woodlands Feeder zone is one of the last in the district to receive the SMART Tags, and students will receive them Tuesday during advisory.

Students should expect to be released 10 minutes early on Tuesday in preparation for delays with the new system.