TWHS community donates blood for M.D. Anderson


Karis Brian

HOSA students volunteered in a variety of roles on donation day.

Two hundred and forty one pints of blood were collected at the blood drive for MD Anderson on Feb. 6. According to HOSA teacher Pam Padgett, it was an amazing experience.

“To watch an expert phlebotomist put so much time and effort and be that extremely talented as health care professionals was absolutely incredible,” Padgett said. “The phlebotomists got up at about 4 a.m., left from the MD Anderson hospital around 5, and came down to The Woodlands High School to set up and began drawing blood.

According to Padgett, two cups of blood were collected from each donor with couriers bringing each bag back to the hospital. Prior to donation, each donor was examined and made sure to be suitable to donate because of the sensitive recipients.

Mrs. Baker helps a HOSA volunteer with paperwork at the registration desk. (Karis Brian)

“Every ounce of blood is saved and used for cancer patients in need,” Padgett said. “The blood has to be kept at a certain temperature, be screened, along with many more behind-the-scenes steps.”

The most challenging part was “organizing such a big event and keeping it running smoothly. There are multiple meetings with MD Anderson staff, set-ups with students and volunteers, and advertising to get students to donate,” Padgett said.

HOSA club presidents Vignesh Karnik and Zaid Khan had a great experience. “We learned a lot. It was challenging but very rewarding to learn so many new things,” Khan and Karnik said.

Some students donated blood for the first time.

“It went very smoothly, the nurses were very nice, and I ate some Oreos. It was an awesome experience,” junior Paysse Groen said.