Graze Craze opens local store


Maya Burch

The Burch family sampled this board from Graze Craze.

An important decision in every teenager’s life is, of course, whether to attend college or buy a charcuterie board. After my family and I ate a charcuterie board from the new local restaurant on Research Forest, Graze Craze, I may not be able to afford college tuition, but I did consume quite an exquisite selection of fruits, meats, and cheeses.

Graze Craze is not a traditional restaurant, being that there are no tables and no waiters. Customers order charcuterie boards exclusively through their website or third party delivery services such as Uber Eats. The website was fairly easy to navigate, and we had no trouble finding a board to try. Additionally, the boards were customizable and there were seasonal options, as well as keto, vegetarian, and nut free options. The board was already done when we got there and we were treated with kindness. The owner even gave us a discount on our next board.

We ordered a small “Gone Grazey” board, which cost $120. A small board is intended for four to six people, but we were only three, so we ended up with lots of leftovers the next day. The price made me and my family somewhat skeptical about Graze Craze.

However, once we saw the board, we understood why the cost was so high. I had never seen such a vast selection of cheeses, fruits and vegetables, mixed nuts, meats, breads, crackers, and different sauces and dips. The best items on the board were the soft, creamy cheese with a nutty garnish in the middle of the board, the red pepper hummus (along with a variety of flavors of hummus), and of course, the mixed berries.

Additionally, everything was pieced together in such a visually appealing way that the charcuterie board resembled an artistic masterpiece.

Overall, Graze Craze is a great business to support and the food is life changing. However, if you plan on attending college, consider making your own charcuterie board instead.

Graze Craze is at 1500 Research Forest Drive, Suite 110.  They are open 8-6, Monday-Saturday, closed Sundays.  A new store on Gosling is coming soon.