TWHS students perform at Texas Capitol


Courtesy of Matthew Peters

The theatre group assembled in the capitol building prior to their performance.

High school theater departments across the state are hoping to convince state legislators to increase funding for high school performing arts by showcasing their own talent and passion in the capitol building. On Thursday, April 4, the Texas state legislature voted on  funding issues for theater, orchestra, and band programs for schools.

Matt Peters, Dr. Curtis Null, and 9th grade campus principal Debbie Shepard with the students before their Austin performance of a selection from “Les Miserables.” (Courtesy of Matt Peters)

In order to highlight the importance of Fine Arts programs, The Woodlands High School sent a group of theater students to perform the song “One Day More” from the play Les Miserables, which they performed in February for the spring musical, in hopes to wow the legislature into providing more funding. By performing for them on the day the vote is taken, students hoped their performances showed the legislature that their organizations matter and change the minds of those who advocated for budget cuts.  Two other schools across the state also showed off their theatrical and musical talents to the representatives, as well as students and teachers from other schools. Even TWHS junior, Claire Daughtery said that watching other school’s performances was her favorite part of the trip.

Students were able to watch from the gallery at the statehouse while the vote was taken. (Courtesy of Matt Peters)

The musical talent at TWHS has been shown across the year through musicals, concerts, and performances. These programs are the foundation of many students’ lives and cutting their funding could have a major impact on these students. Losing funding may be detrimental to the theater department, specifically, they may not be able to afford the elaborate sets and costumes they have had in previous years.

This performance at the capitol was a huge step for theater departments across the state and the decision from the legislature will have many benefits for performing arts students.