Put your Trust in Art

Finding your place at a big high school, such as the Woodlands, can be a challenging task. However, if you are interested in art, kids, and volunteering, the Woodlands High School Art Trust could be the place for you!


Art Trust is a club where professional art is chosen by students to be permanently displayed in the hallways, and volunteer to show others the incredible artwork. 


“Through volunteering, we get artists to submit their work,” Kristina Ruiz said, “Out of those submitted works, as a club we choose our top 15, then we let the student body vote on their top 5. It’s those 5 pieces from each year you see in the hallways.” 


The art doesn’t just get displayed to fellow students at the Woodlands High School, but to a wide range of students near us. 


“We have elementary schools come and Art Trust members take the kids on a tour of the art displayed. We ask questions to the kids about the art, and it’s a really fun experience!” Ruiz said. 


Apart from knowledge easy to pick up in giving tours and the choosing of artworks, anyone is free to join.


“No artistic skill is necessary!” Ruiz said, “Although, it would definitely be useful to have knowledge of certain art elements and how they work within  a piece, however that’s all stuff you can learn along the way!


Although there is a large pool of artwork to choose from, not just anyone can submit their work. 


“The artist’s artwork has to be a drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, photography or digital media. It has to be able to hang on a wall, and the artist has to be a current resident of Texas, a juried artist and at least 18 years old.” Ruiz explained. 


Many may have a busy schedule, but luckily, Art Trust has accessible meetings.


“We have meetings Thursdays after school, and this year Mrs. Rock is our sponsor.” Ruiz said “Hope to see new faces there!”

Art by Kelley Devine, acquired in 2014. Devine is a Houston-based artist.