Pepsi Versus Coca-Cola


It seems like everyone has a preference between the two carbonated beverages.

You’re faced with the fountain machine debating which soda product will go best with your meal. Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Two of the most popular carbonated beverages. Don’t stress. The answer is simple. 

Coca-Cola may have a global image, but Pepsi will always dominate.

The flavor that explodes from a mouthful of Pepsi is like no other. Pepsi is sweeter in taste and smoother in texture. Coca-Cola gives off more of a vanilla taste while Pepsi gives of a fruity taste. Pepsi does have two more grams of sugar than Coca-Cola, but what’s a little extra sugar here and there. The fizz in Pepsi is mild and pleasant while Coca-Cola’s fizz makes you feel like your tongue is dissolving. Definitely a sensation many don’t favor.

Coca-Cola’s history can be found throughout the world, but let’s talk about the ingredients that used to be added to it. The coca leaf was one of the main ingredients that made up the beverage. That’s right. Cocaine! The drug that is loved by some and feared by many use to be in Coca-Cola. Although it was removed when cocaine became illegal, it still remains skeptical to me. At least when I take a sip of Pepsi I know for a fact that I will not be on a stimulated high. 

It’s lunch time and you still have a long day ahead of you even though your energy is already burnt out. Pepsi has more caffeine and sodium than Coca-Cola. It’s a win win situation with Pepsi. Caffeine to wake you up along with sodium to get those nerve functions going. Not only does Pepsi taste better, but it energizes you to finish the day strong. 

Choose wisely when deciding between these sodas. The polar bear may be cute and all, but Pepsi will always outdo Coca-Cola in flavor and benefits.