Senior creates video to promote Art Trust collection


Courtesy photo

The seven works purchased this year will be framed and hung in the TWHS senior campus hallways.

The Woodlands High School Art Trust is a program that displays student artwork around our school. Senior Alexis Truman made a new video for the front page of the Art Trust website that explains what Art Trust is and describes what it does.
The film shows a collage of student artworks from various years. Truman said she tried to give each section its own bit of personality as well as adding her own touches in the video production. She hopes that people will feel more aware of their surroundings after seeing the video. There is so much beautiful art around our school and most people just walk past it.
She also wanted people to know about Art Trust and what it does for our school.
“People don’t talk about Art Trust a lot, but it is something that needs to be celebrated,” Truman said. Truman was very excited to work on this film, a combination of her two passions. She said it was fun seeing the individual works and putting them into video format.
“Art and film are very important to me, so being able to combine them into one project was a very special experience,” Truman said.