Stanley cups a viral trend but overpriced

Jimena Zulueta, Contributing Writer

Stanley cups – you may know these cups from the recent viral tik tok trend. Well I am here to tell you that I think they are definitely not worth their hype. Not only are they bland but they are also just basic. I know this is such a controversial opinion so before coming at me just hear me out.

The first problem with these cups is the lack of diversity in the colors you can choose for your cups. 95% of the stanley cups are a boring dull/pastel color with the execption of pink and green. Now the question is why would you want something that you carry around the whole day to be so boring?

The next thing I see wrong with these cups is they are extremely overpriced. Would you actually be willing to pay 40 dollars for a water bottle when you can get one very similar for half the price or less. There just is no reason to pay so much when they will not be trendy anymore in a few weeks.

Now you may be thinking, “Why would I get another water bottle cheaper when everyone else has a Stanley Cup”. Well trends like this one always come and go quickly so spending this much money might make you think it is worth it for the 2 weeks they are trendy but after that it will just be a waste of money. After the trend passes you will not want to be using the water bottle anymore so it is just more worth it to get a water bottle that you like instead of everyone else.

Also Stanley Cups are just not practical. You have to be carrying them around everywhere in your hands because if you put it in your backpack then it is bound to spill. The lid does not stop any spillage at all and anyone that owns one has gotten water everywhere at some point. It is so much more practical to get a water bottle that has a top that closes all the way.

Overall Stanley Cups are just bland, boring, basic, overpriced and impractical no matter how trendy or viral they are on Tik Tok.