Stanley for the win

Josie Pinsoneault, Contributing Writer

Stanley cups have rapidly become popular among the younger generations over the course of the past 2 months. These tumblers are loved by many because of the handle which makes them easy to hold, the ability to keep drinks cold for extended periods of time, and the many cute and trending colors that they come in.

Gen Z has gone through many “water bottle trends” throughout the years, yet the Stanley is quite possibly the best one yet. Having the handle on the cup makes it easy to transport to different places throughout the school/work day. It is also structured to have a skinnier stump on the cup in order to fit into cup holders. This is highly convenient, especially for those who are able to drive. This makes it so that your bulky old water bottle won’t rattle around on the floor, instead, it fits in the cup holder and is noiseless.

Laurel Montgomery, a student at TWHS, exclaimed, “The straw makes me drink much more water throughout the day which helps keep my skin clear and makes me feel full throughout the school day!” The straw is a consumer favorite and is looked for in most water bottles.

Stanley’s are also able to keep ice-cold drinks last all day long. This is nice for many high school athletes and just the average person. You can leave any drink in it overnight and wake up still sipping something fresh.

These cups are also super easy to clean. With the average water bottle, it is difficult to fit a sponge inside the spout, but with a Stanely, you are able to scrub all along the inside. The cap has a super handy switch lid which allows you to get into the nooks and crannies.

The assortment of trendy colors available is what ultimately draws customers in. It is all about aesthetics nowadays and this company knows how to bring it. There are many muted neutrals, but there are also many bright colors for the spring/summer.

Yes, these tumblers may be considered bulky, but they come in an assortment of sizes, so if the standard 40 oz is just too big for you, you can always get the next size down.

Overall, I support the “Stanley Movement” because I think that these cups are beneficial and convenient for most. I highly recommend buying a Stanley for yourself, even if you are skeptical of the style or the build, it is worth a try!