It’s written in the stars

Cailtin Sullivan, Writer


There’s a horoscope for everything from who you should hangout with to what color looks best on you, but can horoscopes accurately depict your personality? 


Your Zodiac sign is determined by the day, month, and what constellation is behind the sun when you are born. For example, since it is currently virgo season if you are a virgo it means that when you were born the Virgo constellation was behind the sun. So is it possible that the constellation that you are born under has some influence on your personality? 


“ I don’t necessarily believe in them, but I do check my horoscope everyday so I have an inkling into what my day may be like.” Junior Lindsay Moynihan said.


Moynihan is a Gemini (May 21- June 20) , also known as the twin sign, and ironically a twin herself. She described her personality as extroverted and outgoing, which pairs well with the Gemini trait of being a social butterfly. Her brother John however described himself as quiet and reserved which contradicts the personality his zodiac predicts.


Horoscopes cannot accurately predict the personalities of everyone born at a certain time in the year, and even if they get it spot on they use generic words and phrases that can apply to an array of different people.


“I feel like mine (horoscope) is pretty accurate sometimes, but that’s because they’re pretty vague.” Junior Maddie Bini said.


Bini is a Libra (September 23- October 22), and she described herself as friendly but not necessarily outgoing, this does not match the Libra description of well balanced and obsession with perfection.This is another instance of horoscopes in accurately describing personality


While it may be fun to check your horoscope to see how close it can get to your real life there’s no actual science behind it. Astrology is a pseudoscience with no evidence of being anything more than an entertaining prediction for the month ahead.


“It’s (astrology) a fun entertainment thing, but it’s not something you should rely on or base things on” junior Adrian Klein said.