Horoscopes for April

Aries: Your impulsive nature will shine through in the coming months. Multiple arguments, problems, and stresses will ensue as a result. Be sure to keep your head clear and your logic rational while you make decisions and interact with others.

Taurus: Communication is rarely your strong suit but it’ll be important to express yourself clearly, preventing tensions. Cabin fever might overtake you at certain points, but connecting yourself to passions and planning for the future might ease this.

Gemini: The urge to start every project will soon overwhelm you. Keeping in mind that productivity doesn’t define you, be sure to set aside time for relaxation.

Cancer: Your bond with nature will be even more strong than usual. Sunshine and gardening will do you a world of good, and spreading the positivity it brings you to others will make a major difference in your home and social life.

Leo: This will be a time where music will speak to you more often than usual. Listen to what phrases or melodies have meaning to you, and try to understand how this relates to what weighs on your mind.

Virgo: Anxieties will feel nearly unmanageable. The people around you will both help and worsen this. Your focus should be on keeping a clear head and addressing problems with as much rationality and positivity as you can muster.

Libra: Deception will be a common theme in your life in the coming weeks and months. Organizing your thoughts and analyzing where you place your trust will be critical in succeeding.

Scorpio: This is when you need to reassess your priorities in life. Putting what actually matters in life before what matters in the moment is the only thing that will save relationships and dreams in the near and distant future.

Sagittarius: Being present for those who need you is important. As inclined as you are to slip into a dream world or future, people are going to want and need your attention and love more now than ever before.

Capricorn: Despite being prone to pushing people away, loneliness is going to eat at you more than most. It is vital you turn to friends and family instead of sinking into the negative feelings that will accompany many long days and nights.

Aquarius: You’ll have to realize that the best thing you can do in certain situations is stay out of them. At the end of the day, as much as you want to go out and fix the problems of the world or resolve issues between acquaintances, sometimes your involvement isn’t necessary. 

Pisces: Remember that even though you may be feeling something like separation anxiety from friends and family, this time should be used to improve yourself, not show off to those who truly won’t matter in the end.